02/27/2009 - Maleah Anette Schiebel has arrived!

Marion and Lee would like to announce the birth of Maleah Anette Schiebel. She was born Friday, February 27th 2009 at 6:32pm. She was born at Niagara falls general hospital. Maleah is 7lbs 6oz (3.3kg), and 20.5" (52cm) long. You can check out some pictures and more info ny going to

10/27/2007 - Blogs!

I have setup a blogging service now, where family members can write down just about anything they want. You can talk about your day, how much you love chocolate, or ask questions. The blogs also allow you to attach pictures, show videos, post polls, and much more. To view the blogs, click the Blogs entry along the top menu. If you'd like your own blog, just e-mail Lee (see contact page). This is the first of a few cool new features I hope to add over the next couple of weeks.

12/08/2006 - Site Redesign

Today I redesigned the page using CSS, which means it's much easier to update a whole group of pages at once going forward, rather then applying changes to each individual page. It looks pretty plain at the moment, but I will plug away at it as I have time.

11/28/2006 - Forum Redesign

The forums, accessible via the link at the top, have been completely redone. We had an issue with spammers. You will need to re-register to use the forums. Several new features are available now, including attaching files. See the FAQ.

1/2/2006 - Paraguay Pictures

Lee and Marion took a trip to Paraguay in December. Marion was born and raised in Paraguay, and her parents still live there. We took a trip to visit them, family, and friends. We also did a lot of exploring. Check out the pictures


6/5/2005 - New hosting service has switched hosting providers, which allows us much more space, as well as new features like a message board(forums), image gallery, webmail, and live chat.